Well hello there, Margot here! The only thing I love more than taking pictures, is sharing. Here you will find some of my most recent work and personal adventures. Click on the work tab above for a full portfolio. Feel free to drop a line and share some words.

March 7, 2014

Whew! WPPI was absolutely beyond words. Hmmm…how can I describe it? Imagine riding a roller coaster through the swiss alps, times square, or even the Champs Elysees in Paris. There was so much to see and it all moved very fast! This is all positive by the way. Now that spring is upon us, I am getting the “let’s shake it up” vibe. There will be many new and exciting things to come folks! I am giving the website a facelift and adopting a new workflow.

I was fortunate to meet many artists and was very inspired by them. It was great to reconnect with the Edmonsons. I’ve known them for several years! They are still kicking it! I was also pleased to see Ryan SchembriRocco AncoraKenny KimJonas Peterson, and Jerry Ghionis. Of course I am SO happy to see my lovely, charming, and talented Christine Chang. I love this girl!

Some of the images below are from a class with Ryan Schembri. Check out that Ice Light. Pretty neat eh?

xo M